Compact Spiral Heat Exchangers


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Compact Spiral Heat Exchangers

Spiral heat exchangers are compact and ideal for many HVAC and Industrial applications.

SEC High Quality Compact Spiral Heat Exchangers are designed to provide cost effective heat transfer performance at the lowest possible life cycle costs.

SEC Spiral exchangers are available in standard and custom designs to suit almost any application. Thousands of installed spiral heat exchangers makes its technology widely accepted and trusted.

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Single Channel

The SEC Spiral heat exchanger approaches the ideal in heat transfer due to a single channel for each side which eliminates distribution problems and reduces fouling.

The spiral channels enhanced by studs, induce turbulence which increase heat transfer efficiency.

True counter current flow permits close temperature approaches and temperature cross for heat recovery and interchangers.

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The SEC compact Spiral heat exchanger is an assembly of two long sheets, usually separated by studs, wrapped to form a pair of concentric spiral channels.

Alternate edges are closed and seal welded. Covers on each side complete the Spiral. Connections are installed on the “shell” and covers to provide true counter current flow.

Specialized flow distribution is achieved using various manifolds, impingement plates and other techniques to minimize entrance and exit maldistribution.

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Typical Spiral Configurations

Spiral Liquid-Liquid

Typical counter-current flow for both liquids.

Spiral Gas Condenser

Typical chamber on top of heat transfer bundle and gravity flow as it condenses or cools

Spiral Liquid Vaporizer

Typical reboiler configuration with vapour dome on top of the heat transfer bundle.

Spiral Vapour Condenser

Typical vapour condenser, usually with little or no inerts.

Spiral Top Condenser

Typical condenser without cover and is usually installed directly to column or reactor.

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SEC Heat Exchangers is a Manufacturer and International Distributor of heat exchangers and can offer Multiple Choices for any given application.
Compact Spiral heat exchangers are ideal for many Industrial applications.

Common Spiral Applications include:

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Design Specifications


Design Limits:

Heat Transfer Area:

Maximum Dimensions:

Design Codes:

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